An Italian Garage

The first web series on Italian Historical Cars collectors.

An Italian Garage is a Web series of documentaries on classic Italian car manufacturers, narrated through the eyes of their collectors and restorers. Each season will deal with a single brand, each episode with a single car model.

The first season, "The Iso Rivolta Chronicles", focuses on the pioneering and unlucky brand Iso Rivolta, that gave us some of the most beautiful and inventive vehicles of the 50s and 60s.

The season is divided in 8 episodes that will be published weekly on Thursday.
Everything you see and ear - footage, soundtracks, graphics - has been independently produced by us, in an effort to higher the quality standards of Youtube productions.

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Iso Grifo – E01

A personal favorite

A brief history of the Iso Grifo, narrated by Adam Bolcs, a Hungarian Director of a Communication Agency, and Federico Bonomelli, an Italian entrepreneur.
The Iso Grifo is their personal favorite.

Competing with Vespa – E02

The Age of Isomoto and Isoscooter

In the 1950s Iso Rivolta, with its Isomoto and Isoscooter, became the third Italian motorcycles manufacturer, following Piaggio with its Vespa and Innocenti with Lambretta.

Other models were the Iso GT, the Iso Sport and the Iso 200, defined as one of the most beautiful bikes of that time. But Iso Rivolta would soon focus on luxury sports cars. In ’62, the production of motorbike ended.

The second episode of “The Iso Rivolta Chronicles” tells the story of the origin and ending of the Iso motorcycles, through the narration of the Iso Millennium committee members.

GT300 – E03

The ideal Gran Turismo

The GT300 is one of the great Italian Gran Turismo cars of the 60s. When Roberto Negri bought it, Iso had already closed and the car couldn’t even receive proper service, so it wasn’t worth much, but not to Roberto, who took it upon himself to keep Iso’s heritage alive.

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